Toronto Trivia

A voice-activated trivia game with over 150 questions about Toronto


Personal project


Voice Development

Conversational UX (CX)




December 2017

Problem Definition

When I first started using the Google Home in 2017, I found there was a lack of fun, educational applications available. Many of them were gimmicky with and were only fun for a one time use.

Product Goal

I wanted to create a voice-activated trivia game that would be quick for people to play and different every time they came back to it.


  • All users that invocake this action speak english as the content is not regionalized


  • I can only provide 3 multiple choice options per question
  • Some questions need to be updated because they become out of date
  • I can’t change some of the comments made between the questions
  • I have a limited amount of choices for the sounds of the voice used


I created a trivia game for the Google Home with over 150 questions related to Toronto. It covers a variety of topics including history, geography, politics, sports, music and more. It can be triggered on your own Google device by saying "Ok Google, talk to Toronto Trivia."