Taylor Simpson's Face


I'm Taylor Simpson - a recent Software Design grad passionate about the intersection of business, technology, and design. You’ll often find me hacking away at side projects, leading workshops, or attending hackathons, meetups or tech conferences. With experience in marketing, product, and software development roles, I am excited to leverage my multidisciplinary skillset to help your company succeed in the digital age.


Pedal Patrol

iOS / Android App

A mobile app that reunites cyclists with their stolen bikes through crowdsourcing. Created for the local cycling community in partnership with Frontenac Cycle in Kingston, Ontario.

Tools: React Native, Google Maps API, Firebase

Expense Tracker

Web app

An online budgeting tool that allows users to input and visualize their expenses in graphs and charts.

Tools: React.js, Redux, SCSS, Firebase

Song Analysis

Web App

A web app that integrates with your Spotify account, allowing users to about about the song they are currently listening to.

Tools: React.js, SCSS, Spotify API

Toronto Trivia

Google Home App

A published trivia game for the Google home with over 150 questions relating to Toronto history, pop culture, sports, politics and more!

Tools: Dialogflow


Web App (Hackathon Finalist)

A web app that displays mental health data based on sentiment analysis from user’s journal entries.

Tools: JavaScript, IBM Watson API

Paper Ladies


A website created for a Kingston indie-rock band, Paper Ladies.

Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Stock Block

DApp (Hackathon Project)

A decentralized photo sharing marketplace on the web. Stock Block utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tools: Solidity, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Android App

Mobile app that helps to prevent hearing damage by balancing volume and listening time

Tools: Android (Java), XML

Smart Shower

App Design

A concecpt design for an app that allows users to view water usage statistics and set their shower preferences including temperature and pressure.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator


Web Design

A concept web design for a tech startup focusing on automating the testing process for agile teams.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator